2016 Derby (Victoria) Field & Barriers

Derby Victoria

Every year more than two million people gather around racecourses of Australia to watch different horse racing events. Horse racing in Australia is one of the most followed sports out of many played in the country. One of the biggest derby races in Australia is the Group 1 Victoria Derby held at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, Victoria

Victoria Derby

The 2016 Victoria Derby will be held on Saturday, November 29th, 2016. Derby Victoria

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Thoroughbred races in Australia are given much importance economically as well as not only it provides a lot of job opportunities which are as close to seventy seven thousand all over the country. It also generates a lot of money which is counted as more then AUD$ 12.5 billion which is invested in races all over the country.

Thoroughbred races of Australia are third in the ranking when it comes to the most followed sport in Australia. Thoroughbred races are held in two formats, one being the flat race and other being the race which has hurdles on the track. Australia has over 300 racecourses all over the country. The highest number of racecourses in a country record is taken by Australia and it comes after The United States of America as most number of horses in a country participating in races Australia comes third to Japan and The United States of America in the distribution of Prize money every year.

The Australian Racing Board (ARB) administers the entire thoroughbred race in Australia. It is also responsible for determining the rules and regulations of the races, and also schedules them in Australia.

Victoria Derby Race

One of the most important races in the Australian Thoroughbred horse race is the Victoria Derby which is taken place on the first day of the Melbourne’s annual Spring Racing Carnival every year. This day is also known as the Victorian derby Day which is held at Flemington racecourse in Melbourne

Victoria Derby is a Group One race for three-year-old horses; this race is held on a left-handed turf course which makes up a distance of 2,500 meters approx. It indicates the start of the Melbourne Cup Week with Victoria Derby Day usually held on the Saturday earlier to Melbourne Cup Day, which is the first Tuesday in November every year. From its inception to the present day the Melbourne Cup race will remain a highlight of the Australian racing calendar and an event that many punters participate in.

Initially run at a distance of 1.5 miles, in 1972 it was changed to 2,400 meters to obey the rules of the metric system. But, the new distance resulted in forecasting of an expected danger from too short a run from the start to the first turn and as such it was changed again in 1973 to its present distance of 2,500 meters.

Derby day is also known as the Men’s day in the fashion world as a lot of fashion competitions are also held on the same day. Usually black & white dresses were worn on this day by the females and the males were dressed up in the morning suits. Every year more than one hundred and fifty thousand people are seen at the Victoria Derby Day.


Betting is the most favourite activity of the people that follow thoroughbred racing in Australia and it is the most attractive feature in the horse racing according to the people. Ten years ago only the people who were attending the race could bet or they had to go the local betting agency for bet placement.

Betting is a process where a person places his money on the line and calls for his favourite horse, if he is lucky and his horse wins the race he will get his money back with extra bonus.

Betting has changed its self over this past decade and you can access it very easily. Now you don’t have to be at the race or neither you have go to the local betting agency, instead the betting agency now is accessible from your home, all you need is access to the internet and an online bookmaker. So it doesn’t matter if you are relaxing at home in it’s comfortable environment or you are sitting at your work station or are outside Australia for your vacations. Just get online, find an online bookmaker and start placing your and then you will experience the same excitement and fun as any person who is at the race at that time.

This betting process is very simple and easy to use. A person who is new to the world of internet can easily use it and can easily place his bets online and enjoy the game as hi desires it. Betting has been transformed to such an experience which doesn’t compromise on the level of excitement but makes it easier for you to the part of the game.

Australian horse racing is regarded as the top horse racing event in the whole world. It attracts a lot of people towards itself for the quality of horse racing displayed on the racecourses which also make it very useful to Australia in a way that it provides job opportunities to many people and provide people a chance to invest their money. It also maintains international standards and is ranked on first, second & third on the international ranking of the racecourses, number of horses taking part in the races annually and the prize money distributed annually respectively

Victoria Derby Race is held every year on the first day of the Melbourne’s annual Spring Racing Carnival at Flemington racecourse in Melbourne. It takes place on a track of approx 1.5 miles and is also famous in the fashion industry of Australia.

Betting is the most important factor of the horse racing in Australia as it is the main attraction for most of the people and now almost everyone can have access to it through online bookmakers.

Derby Victoria News

A talented field of runners have been confirmed to contest the 2016 Victoria Derby (2500m) at Flemington on Saturday; offering punters exceptional value from a betting standpoint and several key opportunities to place a winning wager. Kiwi raider Sacred Elixir is arguably the class horse of the 2016 Victoria Derby…